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Engagement Session Tips | 5 Things To Do the Week Before Your Engagement Session

Your engagement session is a fun event that’s meant to be enjoyed. To help you make the most of your experience and create images that you’ll love, here are 5 tips to help you prepare the week before your engagement session.

Tip #1: Get Your Ring Cleaned

It’s happened every time you’ve seen someone since you’ve gotten engaged: they ask to see your ring! You can expect more of the same during your engagement session! Because your engagement ring is bound to be on display, you’ll want to give it some extra love before your engagement session. In a pinch, this cleaning stick works wonders! It’s also helpful to know that most jewelers offer complimentary ring cleanings. Plan to stop by a day or two before your session so that your ring will really shine in your photos!

Tip #2: Get Your Nails Done

Just as your ring should be ready for its close-up, so should your hands! Your engagement session is a special occasion, so treat yourself to a manicure a few days before your session. If you can’t squeeze it, at least make sure to either freshen up your coat of nail polish or remove it completely.

Tip #3: Pick Out Your Outfits

This is not something you’ll want to put off! Your outfits are a key component of your engagement photos. Give yourself plenty of time to try on different options and decide on THE look that’s right for you! Feel free to check out my top 5 tips for selecting your engagement session outfits.

Tip #4: Plan Your Route

Timeliness is key to a wonderful engagement session experience! Firstly, it allows your photographer to ensure they’re able to shoot and take advantage of the best light. An on-time (or early) arrival also allows you to start the session off on a positive note! Nothing sours the mood quite like the stress of searching for parking while you’re racing against the clock. To avoid that, make sure you look up directions and the parking situation ahead of time and give yourself a little cushion leaving the house.

Tip #5: Make Plans For After Your Session

After spending an hour or two laughing and holding each other close, you’ll want to keep the romantic feelings going after the final photograph has been captured. Turn the experience into a full-on date and make reservations for after your session at a nearby restaurant. You’ll already be dressed up– might as well make the most of the occasion!

Hope you enjoyed these engagement session tips! If you’re interested in booking your session, please visit my contact page!

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