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Ventura Anniversary Photography Session | Destiny & Blake

anniversary photos in Arroyo Verde Park

I loved my time with Destiny and Blake! We shot their Ventura anniversary photography session at Arroyo Verde Park while they were in town for the weekend. The timing was perfect as it was just ahead of their two-year dating anniversary!

Before diving into a session, I always let my couples know that they should just enjoy themselves and relax because I make sure I give tons of guidance and prompts to ease them through the shoot. But truthfully, Blake & Destiny didn’t need a ton of direction. I gave them prompts and it was like they could read my mind. They flowed so easily between movements and were focused on each other the entire time. The love and chemistry between these two is palpable, and they were so natural in front of the camera.

couple standing side by side and looking into each others eyescouple sitting on a ledge and laughing together man smiling at the camera while he girlfriend smiles at him girl standing in front of her boyfriend while they laugh and enjoy a serene moment

I couldn’t stop gushing over the way they so seamlessly switched between lighthearted laughter to deeper, intimate, loving vibes. Blake and Destiny’s love runs the gamut of all the best emotions.

couple looking at each other while they walk and hold hands couple sitting on a park bench and looking at each other girl looking at the camera while her boyfriend kisses her temple couple sitting on a staircase and laughing at each other guy laughing and leaning against a fence while his girlfriend stands in front of him


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