Ventura County Couples Session | Denise & David

When I met Denise and David for their session, they stepped out of their car looking so good. Like, “jaw, meet floor” good. For that reason, I felt a little guilty asking them to trek uphill with me, but they were adamant- they trusted me and they were up for anything! And as you’ll see below, our little hike didn’t phase them.

I’m glad we made the trek because there’s magic in those hills. With the sun setting so much earlier now, it can be challenging chasing down light before it’s completely gone, all before 5:00 pm. But I loved the way the light shone through the back side of the hills to create those beautiful pastel colors. It makes me all the more grateful to live in California and have such gorgeous backdrops in these later months of the year.

I know I’ve done my job well when my couples stop asking “is this okay?” and are simply focused on each other. It’s the best thing about this job: getting to witness the unique dynamic my couples share and seeing how many different ways love manifests itself. For David and Denise, it’s all about light-hearted fun and constant banter. It was an hour jam-packed with so much playful back and forth, which led to so many gorgeous images. Enjoy some favorites from this session!

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