Ventura Park and Beach Engagement Session | Emma & Josh

Many times, the engagement season gets overlooked as just the precursor to the big wedding and the life together that’s to come. But really, the engagement period is extraordinary in its own right. To borrow from Song of Solomon, it’s a declaration: “I have found the one whom my soul loves.” It’s a promise signifying the intention to fully intertwine two lives into one.

Engagement sessions are always a highlight of working with my Leslie Joy couples, as it gives me an opportunity to create an intimate moment for them to reflect on the things that have brought them to this point.

One of my favorite things to have my couples do is to take a second to completely ignore me and my camera and anything else going on around them, and to focus on each other. I ask them to tell their fiance why, of all the people in this world, they’ve decided that they are the one person they are choosing to spend their life with. It’s a chance to clear their minds of the endless wedding planning tasks to remind themselves of why it’s all worth it.

I stay out of earshot and as unobtrusive as possible during these moments, to really allow my couples to be in the moment. But I know that Emma and Josh truly took this exercise to heart, just by the way they were looking at each other. Their relationship up to this point has spanned nearly a decade. In these past 10 years they have gone from strangers to acquaintances, from first dates to moving in together. They’ve shared countless highs and lows, and even ventured into puppy-parenthood (prepare yourself for the cuteness from Chewie’s cameo during our session).

They will officially celebrate 10 years together when they get married in an intimate ceremony at Pacific View Tower by Wedgewood Weddings. And I can’t wait to capture the beginning of yet another incredible season of their lives, their story together.

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