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3 Things To Do When You Get Engaged

Congratulations— you’re a fiancé! Here are my recommendations for the first three things to do when you get engaged:

3 Things to Do When You Get Engaged:
#1: Share the good news

I know it’s tempting to immediately post your new sparkler on Instagram. But my suggestion is to take a more targeted approach when sharing news of your engagement. Think of your inner circle as the bullseye; you’ll want to aim to tell your inner circle (like your parents, siblings, and best friends) first. Then you can move outward to telling the next closest group. That might include extended family, or other friends who would want to hear the news directly from you. After all of the important parties have heard the happy news, feel free to share a ring selfie with the rest of the world!

3 Things to Do When You Get Engaged:
#2: Get your ring resized and insured

Even if your new fiancé checked all of the boxes when it came to the 4 Cs, there is a chance that your newest accessory may need to be adjusted to fit your finger perfectly. A properly fitted ring reduces the risk of it twisting around or slipping off your finger unnoticed. Plus, it’s especially satisfying to have a piece of jewelry that fits just right! While you are taking steps to protect your ring, it might also be worthwhile to look into getting your engagement ring insured against loss or theft. Here’s hoping you never have to worry about those things, but such a valuable piece of jewelry (in terms of both monetary value and sentiment) is worth protecting!

3 Things to Do When You Get Engaged:
#3: Have the money talk

While I admit this isn’t the most fun step during the engagement period, it’s definitely a worthwhile conversation. Before you fully immerse yourself in an endless stream of wedding planning blogs, magazines, and Pinterest boards, I highly encourage you to sit down with your fiancé to begin talking about numbers. To be clear, this doesn’t mean you have to flesh out a full Excel spreadsheet breaking down every line item of your wedding budget right away. But I do recommend starting the conversation to be aware of what you’re both expecting and are comfortable spending in total towards your wedding day. Having this conversation early on can really help you navigate the rest of your wedding planning.

What do you think of these suggestions for the top 3 things to do when you get engaged? Did any of these surprise you? Or is there anything else you’d add to the top of the list? Let me know in the comments!

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