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Your Wedding Details Checklist

Chances are that you put a lot of effort into picking out every little detail of your wedding day. Your shoes, jewelry, and flowers have all been selected for a reason. The beginning of the wedding day is the perfect time for your photographer to capture all those details! You can ensure that everything is documented by having all these items gathered ahead of time and ready to go when your photographer arrives. Not only does this add to your memories of the day, it also saves you from running around the morning of to look for everything! This wedding details checklist will show you all the items you’ll want to gather together. I’ve also shared a few special tips to make the whole process smoother!

Special Tips

Tip #1: Have the bouquets and boutonnieres delivered to the location where you will be getting ready 30 minutes before your photographer is scheduled to arrive to ensure everything is ready to go when they get there. It is also helpful to ask your florist if they can send any extra loose flowers or greenery with the delivery; these add the perfect cohesive touch when your photographer is taking pictures of your details.

Tip #2: Have two full copies of your invitation suite on hand. A suite includes the outer envelope, inserts (like response or direction cards) and the invitation itself. One suite should be fully assembled the way your guests received it in the mail. The other can be unassembled with each component loose for your photographer to play with. It’s a nice touch to have the photographer’s copy of the envelope addressed to your venue!

Tip #3: Have all 3 rings (engagement ring, bride’s band, groom’s band) included with your details so they can be photographed all together! Once your photographer is finished, they can have the rings delivered to whomever is in charge of holding onto them!

A note about this wedding details checklist:

You may not have everything on this list, and that’s okay. Don’t feel like you need to gather additional items last minute. Your choice to not include certain details is just as significant to the story of your wedding. When you look back at the images of your details, your choices should feel intentional and authentic to you.

Your Wedding Details Checklist

Print this out and check things off as you pack for the big day!

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