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Carpinteria Bluffs Nature Preserve | Wendy & Marco

woman twirling dress and dancing with fiance

Well before I arrived at Carpinteria Bluffs Nature Preserve for Wendy & Marco’s engagement session, I knew we were in for a good time. We had first met almost a year prior, over cups of coffee. During that conversation, it was immediately evident that they are a fun-loving pair. When I asked about their story, I was met with tons of laughter. They couldn’t quite agree on the details of the first time they met (she says she was just looking Marco’s direction, while he’s sure Wendy signaled him with a motion to come closer). But as they recounted both sides of that night, the two of them were filled with joy and reverie.

A similar sense of glee surrounded the story of Marco’s proposal. He reflected on all of the preparation he put into their special dinner at Orange Hill. She shared with me the excitement she felt seeing the waiter bring to the table what she hoped was three separate plates of dessert (that was the moment I knew Wendy was my kind of girl!). And then the rush of emotions once the ring was in front of her, catching Wendy totally surprised.

It’s so touching how much you two value capturing moments and having tangible memories. You two have such an understanding of the power of photographs to freeze your emotions and transport you to another moment in time. I’m so glad to have gotten the two of you in front of my camera. What a special time we had celebrating your engagement period with this session. Thank you for sharing your special moments many laughs with me. And thank you for allowing me to add even more to your memory bank.

engaged couple walking along Carpinteria Bluffs Nature Preserve

couple slow dancing along bluffs trail couple laughing couple smiling and posing on bluffs trail couple smiling at bluffs couple posing at Carpinteria nature preservewoman popping leg while posing with fiancecouple walking on Carpinteria boardwalk couple dancing on boardwalk engaged couple embracing on boardwalk woman twirling dress and dancing with fiance engagement photos at Carpinteria beachcouple dancing on boardwalk in front of misty background


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