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I believe the most beautiful marriages are rooted in friendship, true partnership, and a never-ending commitment to strengthening your relationship. I am passionate about telling your story in a way that will live on as your legacy for years to come. At the end of the day, all you take from your wedding is your spouse, the promises you make to each other, and the photos that tell the story of this special day again and again.

I believe in the mission of marriage as a life-long pursuit, and it’s my mission to serve you by preserving the memories from your wedding in the most extraordinary way.

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"Overall, Leslie is a sweet, sweet soul, and her bright loving energy radiates through her work!"


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They never miss an opportunity to hug each other in the morning, kiss each other good night, and remind one another of just how much they are loved.

Strives endlessly to make each other
their number one pursuit. 

the leslie joy couple

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Whether it be through daily walks, shared meals, or impromptu dance parties, they find ways to make the most of every second spent together. 

Discovers joy
in the simplest of moments

the leslie joy couple

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...both with their partner and all those around them, and they look forward to bringing all of their favorite people together to celebrate this special day.

strong relationships

the leslie joy couple

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...but looks most forward to marriage and a lifetime of partnership and togetherness.

Believes in the beauty
of the wedding day

the leslie joy couple

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When I was first getting to know my husband’s family, I loved hearing the stories of their marriages— the good times and bad, better and worse, joy as well as sorrow, and always love. But the very first time I saw his grandmother’s collection of family wedding photos perched atop her mantel I had to stop and take in what over 200 years of marriage looked like on display. 

As I looked on at the images framed on the mantel, immediately all of the stories shared by Michael’s grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins came rushing through my head, and it was so easy to trace them all back to the days they said “I do.”

As a wedding photographer, I capture all of the raw emotions of your big day, so when you look back at those images you are reminded of the fullness in your heart and you can see how that first day of marriage created a legacy of love.


the mantel moment